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Fire Department and Police Department Appointees are 4-year terms and expire 6/30. The Act, however, does not specify length of term of the City Manager appointments.

Board consists of 5 members:

  • The Treasurer of the City
  • An active member of the Fire Department - elected by a majority vote of Fire Department members.
  • An active member of the Police Department - elected by a majority vote of Police Department members.
  • Two additional members appointed by legislative body or by another person authorized to appoint administrative officials.

"An ACT to provide for the establishment, maintenance and administration of a system of pensions and retirements for the benefit of the personnel of fire and/or police departments, employed by cities, villages or municipalities having full-paid members in such departments, and for the widows and children of such members, and to provide for the creation of a board of trustees to manage and operate same; to authorize appropriations and deductions from salaries; and to repeal all acts and parts of acts inconsistent therewith."

Retirement under Act 345 approved after City electorate voted in favor in November 1970.

This page last updated on 12/31/2014.

Board Members:
Chad Rueckert
Jerrold Jenkins
Edward Kuhn
Jim Bussell
William Twietmeyer

Contact the ACT 345 Committee

William Twietmeyer,Treasurer/Finance Director (staff)
(231) 922-4436
Email Bill