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Arts Commission

To view the Arts Commission Master Plan, please click here.

All appointments from the Parks & Recreation Commission, Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors, Planning Commission and City Commission, are for 3-year terms or for the length of their terms on their respective public bodies, whichever is shorter.

This Commission consists of 9 members who are registered electors of the City or members of the Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors and will have evidenced interest in the advancement of Public Art in the City. Four members are appointed by the City Commission from the following public bodies of the City: one from the Parks and Recreation Commission, one from the Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors, one from the Planning Commission, and one from the City Commission. Four members are appointed by the City Commission from the registered electors of the City. The City Manager, or the designee of the City Manager, shall be a member of such an advisory committee will full authority to vote.

Purpose: to advise the City Commission on matters pertaining to the arts programs within the city including review of requests for support, monetary or otherwise, submitted to the City; advise on the priority of such requests for or donations and placement of Public Art. The Arts Commission shall be responsible for promoting arts in the community, to include, but not be limited to: dissemination of knowledge with regard to arts; recognizing local artists and their work when appropriate; and cooperation with metropolitan agencies also dealing in the arts.

The Traverse City Arts Commission meets every third Wednesday of each month at 3:30 p.m.

This page last updated on 7/6/2017.

Board Members: 

Christie Minervini, Chair
Deb Lake, Vice-Chair
Amy Shamroe, City Commissioner
Mary Bevans Gillett

Matthew Ross

Jackie Shinners
Jason Dake
Debbie Hershey
Linda Koebert

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Katy Garavaglia, Administrative Specialist, Staff Liaison 

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