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Coast Guard Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Traverse City Coast Guard City Committee is to promote and support United States Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City.

Goals & Objectives


The Committee will complete the following objectives in order to PROMOTE the men and women of the Coast Guard:

  1. Raise $100,000 to build and maintain the Coast Guard statue, and take all reasonable steps to secure a location.
  2. Devise and execute a public outreach strategy.
  3. Continue the signage and street naming campaign.
  4. Host or participate in events designed to promote the Coast Guard in Traverse City, including Friday Night Live, National Cherry Festival parades and events, an annual ball, and a Welcome Picnic/Ice Cream Social/or similar event.
  5. Work with the Traverse City Garden Club to install a garden that celebrates the Coast Guard, preferably located in mini-park.


The Committee will complete the following objectives in order to SUPPORT the men and women of the Coast Guard:

  1. Develop a directory of local business that are supportive of Coast Guard personnel with business-related discounts.
  2. Develop a series of special recognitions and awards keyed to the Coast Guard honors of Enlisted Person of the Quarter, the semi-annual Perchard Award, and the semi-annual Golden Wrench Award.
  3. Develop a legislative agenda designed to support the Coast Guard, including:
    1. Legislative liaison program with our Congressional Delegation;
    2. Special legislation designed to support professional licensing for the trailing spouse in the areas of teaching and nursing; and
    3. Cooperative outreach to a broader association of Coast Guard communities.
    4. Develop a Community Outreach and Mentoring program designed to welcome and orientate new Coast Guard families to our community (see PROMOTE #4 – welcome picnic/ice cream social. 


  1. Finalize, agree, and adopt the revised Mission Statement and Objectives. (Completed May 7, 2015)
  2. Develop more detailed plans around these broad objectives, including detailed strategies, goals, metrics, and dates.
  3. Develop a communications strategy designed to inform the City Commission and general public of Committee  plans and on-going status of events.
  4. Work collaboratively with Air Station Traverse City Commanding Officer in each of these areas to ensure transparency and to secure input and support.
This page last updated on 2/5/2018.