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Community Policing

Community Policing and Relations - Task Force Analysis and Proposal - 2016

The Traverse City Police Department is a Community Policing organization.   The concept of Community Policing began on a trial basis in Traverse City in the early 1980's.  Today, the Traverse City Police Department still utilizes a Community Policing Program, assigning a full time officer to each of the four service areas in the City as depicted below. These office in turn work with the entire department to ensure an officer is patrolling each service area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The four Service Areas encompass the following parts of the City:  Service Area 1 includes the Central, Kids Creek, and Old Towne Neighborhoods.  Service Area 2 includes the Downtown Development Authority District, Slab Town Neighborhood and nearby streets not affiliated with a neighborhood association.   Service Area 3 includes Oak Park and Boardman Neighborhoods and the areas near Northwestern Michigan College which are not affiliated with a neighborhood association.   Service Area 4 includes Traverse Heights and Orchard Heights Neighborhoods and surrounding streets not affiliated with a neighborhood association .   A map illustrating the four Service Areas is below for your reference.

If you are unsure if you belong to a neighborhood association, visit the Neighborhood Associations page.  

The Traverse City Police Officers assigned are as follows:  

Service Area 1:
Sergeant Kevin Dunklow
231-218-2894 (cellphone)

Service Area 2:
Sergeant Matt Richmond
231-218-2894 (cellphone)

Service Area 3:
Sergeant Erich Bohrer
231-218-2894 (cellphone) 

Service Area 4:
Sergeant Kevin Gay
231-218-2894 (cellphone)

In addition to patrol responsibilities in their assigned service areas the officers participate in neighborhood association meetings, school programs, neighbor watch programs, neighborhood traffic enforcement, and other important  police/citizen events as needed.

The Traverse City Police Department works tirelessly to meet the needs of our community and our citizens' whether it is through our Community Policing program, Patrol Division, or Investigative Services, we are here to serve and protect.  

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This page last updated on 5/2/2016.