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Engineering Current Projects

Project updates on current projects included in the Engineering Department Quarterly Reports below.

Engineering Department Quarterly Reportssanto_street_6.jpg

  • img_20121011_175018.jpgSlabtown Beach (West End Beach Trail and Access Project)
    • The scope of work includes the extension of a non-motorized trail along the north side of M-72/West Grandview Parkway from the parking lot at West End Beach to Elmwood Avenue, a distance of approximately 1,100 feet; a pedestrian crossing of M-72/West Grandview Parkway near the alignment of Elmwood Avenue connecting the trail extension with neighborhoods and trail networks to the south. North of the trail crossing intersection, a small viewing platform and ramped access to the beach will be constructed; also a stormwater treatment structure will be installed to separate oil and grit street runoff and reduce this current form of point-source pollution directly into Grand Traverse Bay.
    • A $173,931.87 MDOT Enhancement Grant was awarded in 2012 for the construction of the project. Construction planned in 2014.
    • Joint permit approval
  • boardmanriverboatlaunchrenderingrevised.jpgBoardman River Boatlaunch Project
    • Scope of work includes installation of new launch and piers, a universally accessible canoe/kayak launch, resurfacing the parking lot with the use of porous pavers in the turnaround area and launch exit, installation of rain gardens along the southern edge of the lot, installation of retaining walls near the launch and turnaround to stabilize eroding site banks, installation of trees and native plantings, and boat cleaning/invasive species education signage.
    • A $156,250 Waterways Grant received in December 2013, a $80,000 Coastal Management Program grant, and local foundation grant of $50,000 received in 2012 for project construction. Construction planned in 2014.
    • Updated project information
  • boardmanlakerecarearenderingcolor.jpgBoardman Lake Trail West extension
    • Project scope includes the extension of the Boardman Lake non-motorized trail from approximately 10th Street to 14th Street (2,900 linear feet), a connection to the Old Towne Neighborhood, and the addition of a lakefront recreational area that will feature a fishing dock, kayak/canoe small watercraft launch, shelter, picnic areas and seating.
    • A $210,000 Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant was received in October 2012. Construction planned in 2014.

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