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Board and Committee Openings - We Need You!!

by Katelyn Zeits
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Do you want to make a difference? Are you ready to be involved in Traverse City? Do you want your voice heard? If so, the City has an opportunity for you!

The City is seeking volunteers to serve on various boards and committees each having unique talents being sought.

Currently, there are positions available on the Election Commission, Local Officers Compensation Commission, Traverse Area District Library Board, Traverse City Light and Power Board, Joint Planning Commission and Farmer’s Market Advisory Board. Below is a short overview of each. For more detailed information visit or contact the City Clerk’s Office.

• Election Commission – Requiring a minimal time commitment; this commission is a neutral body that works with the City Clerk appoints election inspectors and discusses upcoming City elections. Applicants must be a City resident. 

• Local Officers Compensation Commission – Requiring a minimal time commitment as well, this board meets to determine the salaries of local elected officials, and the Board of Tax Review. Applicants must be a City resident. 

• Light and Power Board – Typically meets twice a month, this board has exclusive jurisdiction, control and management of the Light and Power Department and all its operations and facilities. Unless specifically allocated to the City Commission or to a City official, the Board has all of the powers and duties possessed by the City to construct, acquire, expand and operate the Light and Power system. Applicant must be a City resident or have Light and Power service. 

• Joint Planning Commission – Meeting typically once a month, this Commission is established for the purpose of exercising the powers and duties of a planning commission under the Municipal Planning Act, MCL 125.31 et seq. (“the Planning Act”). This board was established in cooperation with the Charter Township of Garfield. Applicant must be a City resident. 

Traverse Area District Library – Meets typically once a month, this board was created in 1982 by joint resolution of the City and Grand Traverse County. Members of this board have the chance to participate in setting policy for the district libraries in the area. Applicant must be a City resident. 

• Farmers Market Advisory Board – Typically meets once a month to advise the Downtown Development Authority Board on upholding the mission of the Sara Hardy Downtown Farmers Market for the betterment of the market. Applicants are not required to be City residents, but rather residents of the County. 

If any of these boards interest you, we encourage you to complete an Application to Become Involved and submit it to the City Clerk’s Office by February 29, 2016 with the exception of the Farmers Market Advisory Board which is required by February 12, 2016. We encourage you to include a resume with your application, however it is not required.

To view all City Boards and Committees, please visit our website at

Contact Katie Zeits, Deputy City Clerk at or by phone at 231-922-4480.