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Invitation to Apply for the Planning Commission and other boards!

by Katelyn Zeits
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Subject:           Invitation to Apply - Openings Available on Boards and Committees

Contact:          Katelyn Zeits, Deputy City Clerk,

Traverse City residents are invited to participate in the process of government by serving on one of the city's citizen boards and committees. Through this service, civic-minded citizens can become involved in their local government. The city, in turn, benefits from the knowledge, experience and expertise of our citizens.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission member shall be a representative of important segments of the community, such as the economic, governmental, educational, and social development of the local unit of government, in accordance with the major interests as they exist in the local unit of government, such as agriculture, natural resources, recreation, education, public health, government, transportation, industry and commerce. This person shall be a City resident. 

Human Rights Commission
The purpose of this commission is to foster mutual understanding and respect among all groups and discourage discriminatory practices, formulate and carry out programs of community education and information, receive and act as conciliator regarding occurrences of acts of prejudice or discrimination, and secure the cooperation of various community groups in educational campaigns devoted to eliminating prejudice and discrimination. This person is not required to be a City resident. 

Board of Tax Review
The purpose of the Board of Tax Review is to examine, review, and correct the assessment roll. Members of this board have minimal commitment, only meeting periodically throughout the year.  This person shall be a City resident. 

Local Officers Compensation Commission
This Commission determines the salaries of such local elected offices, which determination shall be the salaries of the legislative bodies.  This board is a low commitment, meeting only in odd years. This person shall be a City resident. 

If you are interested in serving, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 231-922-4480 by Monday, November 28, 2016 for an “Application to Become Involved” or visit our website:

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis for all boards and commissions and are kept on file for a period of one year; applicants must not be in default to the City.