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Presentation of 8th St. Design at City Commission Meeting

by Katy Garavaglia
Thursday, February 9, 2017


Subject:          Presentation of 8th Street Design at City Commission Meeting

Contact:         Benjamin Marentette, City Clerk

Issued:            February 9, 2017


In 2013, a Corridor Master Plan was completed and adopted, establishing Eighth Street as one of five major corridors in the City of Traverse City. Since then, the City has received public comment and petitions initiated by business owners and citizens to address the improvements for Eighth Street. In response to these requests, the City began a Charrette process to provide for collaborative public planning to establish a vision and design for the new Eight Street.

The Charrette process, dubbed “Envision 8th” incorporated public engagement and comment, along with a concentrated series of meetings and presentations. Through this process, the preferred design  identified a three-lane section with planters and off-street bicycle tracks to make an important connection around the north end of Boardman Lake for the emerging businesses in that district, along with our citizens who utilize that area.

This re-design plan for Eighth Street will be presented and discussed at the upcoming study session of the City Commission scheduled for Monday, February 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm, where the public is welcome to engage and comment.