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Strongest Town Competition : Traverse City in Final Round

by Katy Garavaglia
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 21, 2017


Contact:     Russ Soyring, Planning Director (231) 922-4465


 Strongest Town Competition

March 21, 2017 – 11:30 AM

Traverse City is in the Finals!


 TRAVERSE CITY- Strong Towns, a national media organization whose mission is to advocate for a model of development that allows America's cities, towns and neighborhoods to grow financially strong and resilient is hosting a competition to determine the strongest town in America.

 This is the second annual “Strongest Town Contest” and this year, Strong Towns is pleased to announce that it received applications from communities in three different countries. Teams of applicants (including government staff, citizen activists and nonprofit leaders) were invited to apply to the contest by answering a series of questions about their community.  Traverse City was one of 16 communities selected to compete in a bracket-based competition to determine whose is the strongest. Towns were initially judged on criteria such as financial solvency, citizen engagement, transportation options and ability to adapt to new challenges.

 So far, Traverse City outlasted York, Pennsylvania in a close vote to make it to the Elite Eight.  This hard fought victory was followed by a comfortable win against Ellsworth, Maine.  Traverse City then faced Valparaiso, Indiana in the Final Four. After a lively contest, Traverse City came out on top on that match up as well.  

 Traverse City will now face Guelph, Ontario for the Championship face off.   Voting will begin Tuesday afternoon for the Traverse City vs. Guelph, Ontario final match-up


Voting ends this Friday at 6:00 PM Eastern Standard time.




The City of Traverse City is located in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. Traverse City was incorporated in 1891 as a Village and in 1895 as a City. It encompasses 8.09 square miles and has a population of 14,674 (2010 Census).