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2018 Fall Leaf Pickup

by Katy Garavaglia
Monday, October 1, 2018

October 1, 2018
Contact:           Mark Jones, Streets Supervisor, (231) 922-4901 ext. 112

City of Traverse City


Leaf Collection Starts 
Monday, October 22

The City of Traverse City’s Fall Leaf Collection Program will begin Monday, October 22, 2018.  Residents are reminded that there is a City Ordinance which prohibits open burning in the City.

DO NOT PLACE leaves in the street before October 18, 2018 as this will be in violation of City Ordinance 668.03 which states “No person shall place or throw any goods, wares, merchandise, machinery, junk, wood, rubbish, manure, leavesgrass, sawdust, ashes, garbage or refuse upon any public street, alley or sidewalk, except that leaves may be placed at the curb line of streets for collection by City forces during a period designated by the City Manager for such collection.”  This period does not start until October 18, 2018.  Anyone placing anything in the street before then is in violation of this ordinance and shall be responsible for a civil infraction.

General Guidelines – NO PLASTIC BAGS!

  • On curb & gutter streets, rake leaves down into street.  DO NOT BLOCK CATCH BASINS!
  • On all other streets rake leaves to gravel shoulder or paved edge of the road.
  • No leaves will be picked up in alleys, except homes along Division Street, East Front Street from Railroad Avenue to Munson Avenue, and Munson Avenue from East Front Street to Airport Access Road.
  • NO PLASTIC BAGS!  Leaves should be LOOSE – State Law prohibits plastic bags at our compost site.  Biodegradable paper bags are acceptable.
  • No branches or brush will be picked up.  Do not put them out for pick up.
  • Please do not park vehicles over leaf piles in City streets.

Leaf pickup will begin Monday, October 22, 2018 on the WEST side of the City.  Due to weather and leaf fall variables, no specific pickup date will be scheduled.  We will cover the City neighborhoods, beginning on the west side and moving eastward, over a period of 5 to 7 weekdays, and then will return to the west side to repeat the process.  Leaves should be raked out in front of your house for pickup as promptly as possible on or after October 18, 2018.  Pick up will continue through November 16, 2018.

Residents should remember that if they have yard waste that they want picked up before the City’s leaf pick up, American Waste will do the pickup for $2.23 per bag as part of their service.  Call American Waste at 231-943-8088 for information regarding their sticker program.