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Extensive audit of conduct of November 2018 Election results are excellent

by Benjamin Marentette
Thursday, December 20, 2018


 Subject:          Audit of Election Equipment and Conduct of November 2018 Election

 Issued by:      

Grand Traverse County Clerk Bonnie Scheele (231) 922-4760

City Clerk Benjamin Marentette (231) 922-4480

Charter Township of Garfield Clerk Lanie McManus  (231) 941-1620 

Charter Township of East Bay Clerk Susanne Courtade  (231) 947-8647


Issued:             December 20, 2018


On December 20, 2018, an extensive audit of the election held on November 6, 2018, of randomly-selected voting precincts in the City of Traverse City and the Charter Townships of East Bay and Garfield was concluded.

The audit included analysis and examination of documents and procedures used during the election, which produced excellent findings.

Additionally, the audit included verification, by hand-count, of the results of three randomly-selected races (Attorney General, State Proposal 3 and Probate Court Judge); the audit concluded that the results reported by the tabulators used to count the votes was 100% accurate. 

City Clerk Benjamin Marentette served on a small panel, with Michigan’s Secretary of State and Director of Elections, which developed the capabilities and specifications of voting systems to be used across the state of Michigan.   Marentette indicated, “At the August 2018 election, across all voting precincts in Grand Traverse County, new voting equipment, including vote tabulators, were implemented.   This equipment was tested and vetted through federal and state laboratories; and so, while we have always felt confident in the accuracy of the equipment used, this affirms that confidence.”  

Charter Township of East Bay Clerk Susanne Courtade said, “Conducting the audit is a great way to reaffirm this important equipment’s capability and accuracy.  This is something I expect and am proud of; and I believe our voters have the same standards and expectations.”  

Grand Traverse County Clerk Bonnie Scheele was pleased with the audit saying, “Audits like this are important for several reasons, and the most important of those reasons is ensuring the methods and manner in which elections are conducted guarantees accuracy.   As election officials, we are responsible to forever-protect the fabric of democracy and that is done through multiple stages of double-checks, including after-the-fact checks like this audit.”