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Police Reserve Unit

The Traverse City Police Department formed its first Reserve Unit in September of 1984.  Over the years this volunteer program has continued to grow in size and experience.  

The current Reserve Unit consists of the following members:

  • Reserve Police Captains = 2
  • Reserve Sergeants = 3
  • Reserve Officers = 20

The Reserve Unit has continuous training in conjunction with the sworn members of the Traverse City Police Department.   Reserve officers are provided uniforms and equipment at no charge to them.

The Reserve Unit is instrumental in assisting our sworn police officers with the force necessary to provide safety and security during many special events held in our city.  These events continue to grow in size and in number.   For example the National Cherry Festival annually draws approximately 250,000 people to our city which normally accommodates 25,000 residents.    

The Reserve Unit is also assigned to assist our police officers at all home High School sporting events including:  football, basketball, hockey, etc. Their volunteer service is vital in helping our officers police these important community events.  

If you would like to speak to someone in reference to the Police Reserve program, please contact Sergeant Drzewiecki at (231) 995-5158.

This page last updated on 5/2/2016.