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Recreational Authority Board

Recreational Authority Purpose: “The Authority is incorporated for the purpose of the acquisition, construction, operation, maintenance or improvement of public recreation centers, public parks, and public conference centers as may be acquired by the Authority or as may be transferred to it by a participating municipality. The Authority may donate, sell, lease or transfer any such facilities so acquired only to a participating municipality.” (Articles of Incorporation, adopted June 30, 2003.) 

This board consists of seven members; those members are appointed as follows: 

  • Three are appointed by the City Commission, with one of those three being a City Commissioner 
  • Three are appointed by the Garfield Township Board, with one of those three being a Garfield Township Board member 
  • One is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy (this appointee must be a resident of the City of Traverse City or Garfield Township) 

All appointments are for three years, and expire 6/30. 

Creation provided for under the provisions of Public Act. No. 321, Public Acts of 2000 (The Recreational Authorities Act). 

Regular Board meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. and alternate between the Garfield Township Hall (3848 Veterans Drive) and the Governmental Center (400 Boardman Avenue). Study sessions and special meetings are held as needed.

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