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Bid and RFP Results for 2018

Approximately 50,000 gallons of Unleaded Mid-Grade Gasoline without Ethanol AND Approximately 25,000 Gallons of Dyed Diesel Fuel for Clinch Marina (not yet awarded) - bid results
Approximately 7,400 gallons (38 tons) of 23% Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (not yet awarded) - bid results
Approximately 21,200 gallons (270,000 pounds) of Ferric Sulfate Solution (12% Fe) (not yet awarded) - bid results
Approximately 30,000 gallons of Sodium Hypochlorite (not yet awarded) - bid results
Investment Consultant Services (awarded to CG Financial Services) - bid results
Urban Tree Canopy Assessment & Inventory (not yet awarded) - bid results
Uniform Cleaning (not yet awarded) - bid results
Traverse City Dog Park Pickleball Court Resurfacing (awarded to Racquet Sports Inc.) - bid results
2018 Boardman River Walk Phase I Project (not yet awarded) - bid results
Service, Examination and Maintenance of the HVAC System - Carnegie Building, 322 Sixth Street, Traverse City, MI (awarded to Hurst Mechanical) - bid results
2018 Centre Place Watermain Loop Project (not yet awarded) - bid results
Larry C. Hardy & Old Town Parking Deck Restoration 2018 (awarded to RAM Construction Services of Michigan, Inc.) - bid results
Electric Vehicle (EV) or Plug in Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) (awarded to Williams Chevrolet) - bid results
2018 Sidewalk Preservation Project (awarded to Elmer's Crane and Dozer) - bid results
Trailer-Mounted 250 CFM Air Compressor (awarded to McAllister Rentals) - bid results
Solar-Powered Trailer-Mounted Arrow Board (awarded to Municipal and Contractor Supplies) - bid results
2018 Pavement Preservation Project (not yet awarded) - bid results
2018 Bareroot Trees (awarded to Chestnut Ridge Nursery & Schichtels Nursery) - bid results
Hardy Garage PARCS Equipment Replacement (awarded to Traffic & Safety Control) - bid results
2018 Traverse City Roof Replacement Projects (awarded to Story Roofing Company, Inc.) - bid results
Clancy Park Equipment and Surfacing (awarded to Great Lakes Restoration)
Clancy Park Pavilion (awarded to Sinclair Recreation)
Clancy Park Site Amenities (awarded to Sinclair Recreation)
City of Traverse City - TCPS LPR Proposal (awarded to T2 Systems) - bid results
2018 Clancy Park Improvements Project (awarded to TC Concrete, LLC) - bid results
DDA - Wayfinding Sign Maintenance for the DDA (not yet awarded)
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