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Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award


The Traverse City Human Rights Commission is accepting nominations for its annual Sara Hardy Humanitarian Award. Sara Hardy was instrumental in establishing the Human Rights Commission for more than 30 years ago. This award recognizes her contributions to the community by honoring an individual who exemplifies the ideals of the Commission. These ideals are to promote mutual understanding and respect among all people and to discourage discriminatory practices. Recent recipients of the Award include Jenn Cameron, Emmy Lou Cholak, Dayna Ryan, Marian Kromkowski, Glenda and Ken Andrews, Jane Hayes, Gladys Muñoz, Helen Cook, Joe Lada, Eugene Fox, and Susan Odgers.

To nominate someone you believe represents these ideas, please submit a letter to include the nominee’s name, address, telephone number and humanitarian activities they are involved in along with the reasons why you are nominating this individual.

The nominator should include their name and phone number in the letter as well. The nomination deadline is Wednesday, January 2, 2019. Please send nominations to the Traverse City Human Rights Commission, 400 Boardman Avenue, Traverse City, Michigan 49684 or fax to the Human Rights Commission at 231-922-4470.

The recipient of the award will be honored at a reception in March, 2019, at the Governmental Center. The reception will precede the presentation of the award at the Traverse City Commission meeting that evening.

For more information, please email Christina Woods at

We look forward to receiving your nomination.

Nomination Form

Sara Hardy, a longtime resident, through her courageous and determined actions brought about the concept of a Human Rights organization in her community.  Her conduct and professionalism exemplify the philosophies and ideals of the Human Rights Commission to promote mutual understanding and respect among all people and to discourage discriminatory practices.

This award recognizes Sara Hardy's contributions to the community by honoring individuals who exemplify the Human Rights Commission's ideas.  The recipients of this award are selected by the Traverse City Human Rights Commission.  We want to encourage the citizens of the Traverse City area to join us in recognizing the contributions made by these deserving individuals in the promotion of human rights.

Sara Hardy Award Recipients:

1993                Mary Lou Hansen

1994                Edwin Frederick

1995                Jim Carruthers

1996                Terry Fogle

1997                Dorothy Kye

1998                Tom Shea

1999                Rabbi Stacie Fine

Dec 2000          Jo Bullis 

Feb 2002          Paul Heaton

2003                Tom Appel

2004                Jeff Haas

2005                Ann Rogers and Ed Emenheiser

2006                Sandra Svec and David Vinocur

2007                Steve Perdue

2008                Gertrude Morgan Springer

2009                Jim Rowlett and Brian Simerson

2010                Eugene Fox and Susan Odgers

2011                Joe Lada

2012                Helen Cook

2013                Gladys Muñoz

2014                Jane Hayes

2015                Ken and Glenda Andrews

2016                Marian Kromkowski

2017                Dayna Ryan

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