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Sidewalk Replacement Program

In 2017, sidewalks were repaired and replaced along both sides of West Tenth Street between Union Street and Division Street as part of Traverse City’s Sidewalk Replacement Program.  5,335 lineal feet of sidewalk was replaced.

Sidewalks were also installed and repaired along both sides of Centre Street between Fern Street and Woodmere Avenue as part of the City’s Sidewalk Gap Infill program.  3,780 lineal feet of new sidewalk was installed in this area.

New sidewalk was installed on the west side of Wellington Street from East Eighth Street south to an existing parking area across from the Safe Harbor property, approximately 200 lineal feet.

In addition to these larger projects many small segments of sidewalk throughout the City were replaced or had trip hazards ground down to improve safety and reduce the chance of accidents, as well as allowing easier travel and less damage for the snow removal equipment in the winter.

This page last updated on 11/17/2017.