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Sewer & Water Maintenance Division


Sewer back-up, sewer odor, illegal discharge or Water leak:

  • 231-922-4923 during regular business hours
  • 231-922-4940 emergency contact before or after business hours

Traverse City Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Address: 606 Franklin Street, Traverse City
Phone Number: (231) 922-4921

The Traverse City Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant serves roughly 15,000 Traverse City residents, roughly 30,000 township residents, and local industries. Capable of treating 8.5 million gallons per day, the TCRWWTP helps protect the sensitive environments of the Boardman River and Grand Traverse Bay. Originally built in 1932, the facility has been upgraded several times, and now employs advanced membrane filtration technology to produce high-quality treated effluent that helps sustain public and environmental health.

Traverse City formed a partnership with CH2M in 1990 to operate and maintain the TCRWWTP. During this 26-year partnership, the city and CH2M have improved operating efficiency, saved millions of dollars in operating costs, and won recognition for excellence in operations and safety from the State of Michigan and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Please contact Liz Hart, Project Manager with questions and information requests: 


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