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Permits and Forms

City Clerk Permits



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Accessory Dwelling Unit Registration


Ch. 1332

Ch. 1334

Ch. 1336

Auction Permit 


Ch. 806

Building Moving


Ch. 1468

Film Production 

See High Impact Street or Parks application. 

Ch. 842

Going out of Business

$50/30 Days

MCL 442.221-442.226

Honeybee Keeping Registration and License

$40/year New and Renewal

Ch. 610

Ch. 660

Hunting Permit (Brown Bridge Quiet Area - 70 Acres)


Grant Requirement 

Hydrant Meter

See Application for 
deposit amount

$40 Permit Fee & Water
Usage Deducted

Ch. 1044.12

Land Division/Boundary Adjustment


Ch. 1244.05

Liquor License Registration 

See Letter of Introduction 

Ch. 834

Medical Marihuana Facility Application

Medical Marihuana Licensing FAQ 

$5,000 - New Permit

$5,000 - Annual Renewal

Amendments -  Cost of review, not to exceed $5,000

Ch. 845

Ch. 13 Zoning Ordinances

Zoning Map (PDF)

Zoning Map (interactive)

Mobile Food Vending 

See Application 

Ch. 865

Map of City Property where Mobile Food Vending is Generally Allowed

Newsrack Permit

$110 - New Permit

$70 for each additional

Ch. 1020.09

Outdoor/Platform Cafe in Designated Parking Spaces

$350 Annually plus $10/day 

Ch. 1020.10

Parks & Public Land Use - High Impact 

$500 Application Fee 

Ch. 1064

Parks & Public Land Use Policy

All City Park Maps

Open Space Information

Parks & Public Land Use - Low Impact

See Application 

Ch. 1064

Parks & Public Land Use Policy

City Park Maps

Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT)

$2,300 New and Renewal

Ch. 881


$75 New and Renewal

Ch. 867

Precious Metals Permit

$50 Annually

MCL. 445.481-492

Secondhand Stores

$50 Annually 

Ch. 856

Sewer Contractor Registration

$20 Annually & $4000 surety bond

Ch. 1446.01

Sidewalk Cafe Permit

$350 New w/o alcohol

$400 New w/alcohol

$200 Renewal w/o alcohol

$275 Renewal w/alcohol

Ch. 1020.07 & 1020.08

Sidewalk Display


Ch. 1022.05

Solicitors Permit

See Application 

Ch. 862

Street Performer

No Permit Required

Street Performer Guidelines

Ch. 864

Street Use - Major Community Event

$410 + incremental cost for for-profit 

$50 + incremental cost for non-profit

Ch. 1020.05

Street Use Policy for Community Events

Street Use - Non Major Events 

$25 for recurring events or low impact events

(Determined by City Staff)

Ch. 1020.05

Tourist Home

$220 New and Renewal (when inspection required)

$150 New (when no inspection required)

Ordinance Amendment

Licensed Tourist Homes

Requirements from the Fire Dept. for Inspection

Transient Merchant 

See Application 

Ch. 863

Vacation Home Rentals

$220 New and Renewal (when inspection required)

$150 New (when no inspection required)

Ch. 870

Licensed Vacation Homes

City Clerk Forms

Insurance Claim Form

When submitting your claim, be sure to include any applicable attachments as indicated on the form. 

FOIA Request Form

When submitting your request, please give a sufficient amount of detail to help ensure accuracy of your request.

Health Related Record Request Form - Individual

This form is used when requesting protected health related records about yourself. 

Health Related Record Request Form - Other

This form is used when requesting protected health related records of a person other than the requester.

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