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Adopt a Catch Basin Program

Adopt a Catch Basin Program Application

Welcome Catch Basin Stewards!

Think of our catch basins as guardians of our water resources.  Precipitation that we receive via the water cycle moves across the landscape and towards our lakes, rivers and streams.  Keeping our streets, sidewalks and bike paths safe for travel sometimes requires moving water from these surfaces and catch basins are one way we do so.

Trash, sediment and debris enter the inlet and pass through to the city stormwater system. Over time, the debris can build up in the catch basin causing odors and backups.  Our “Adopt a Catch Basin” program is a great way to prevent this pollution from reaching our waterways as regular cleaning can remove the odors and reduce the chance of flooding.  We are asking you to perform a small periodic maintenance function that should only take a few minutes of your time. 

The City of Traverse City Department of Public Services along with the Department of Municipal Utilities would like to invite you to join the

“Adopt a Catch Basin” Program!

This page last updated on 5/6/2019.