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Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

The Grand Traverse County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Board prepares Brownfield plans for concurrence by local governing bodies and approval by the County Board; and oversees administration of brownfield plans and activities. 

This is a City Commission appointment, subject to approval by the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners. This is a 3-year term. 

The composition of this nine-member board is as follows:

  • County Treasurer (1)
  • County Commissioner (1)
  • County Administrator or designee (1)
  • City Commissioner representative (1)
  • Township Representative (does not have to be elected) (1)
  • City citizens at-large (2) – to be appointed by the City Commission, with confirmation by the Grand Traverse County Board
  • County citizens at-large (2)

This board typically meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:00 a.m.  

For meeting notices and more information visit the Grand Traverse County website

This page last updated on 9/1/2017.