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Crime/Calls For Service

The calls that our officers are dispatched to are logged via file class (which there are hundreds).   Those files classes can be grouped together into more broad categories which can then be effectively presented to the public.  The categories that the Traverse City Police Department chooses to use are: Other, Criminal, Non-Criminal and Traffic Crashes. 

  • Other:  Includes 911 hang-ups, Be On the Lookout (BOL), Follow-up Complaints, Motorist Assists, Public Relations, Paper Service, Traffic Stops and Warrant Attempts.
  • Criminal:  Includes all crimes with a file class below 77000.  Examples are Murder, Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC), Assaults, Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP), Breaking and Entering (B&E), Robbery (Armed and unarmed), Fraud, Unlawful Driving Away of an Automobile (UDAA), Disorderly Conduct, Weapons Offenses, Drugs, Traffic Violations (Misdemeanor/Felony), Larcenies, Trespassing and Liquor Violations.
  • Non-Criminal:  Includes all crimes with a file class above 77000.  Examples are Insanity, Civil Matters, Runaways, Suspicious Situations, Lost and Found, Drug Overdoses, Suicide, Natural Death, Missing Persons and Agency/General Assists.
  • Traffic Crashes:  Includes crashes on public and private property.

Below are links to pages which contain several illustrations that graphically show the breakdown of calls that Traverse City Police Officers respond to them, when they most often respond to calls and how many officers are on duty to handle the call log.  There are also graphs that compares the total number of calls, and the types of calls responded to for the years, 2011 - 2015.

This page last updated on 3/24/2020.