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The Engineering Department conducts regular Traffic Counts and Speed Counts within the city limits. The City of Traverse City has been working with the Michigan Department of Transportation for possible design solutions for Division Street/US-31/M-37, and the City of Traverse City has been considering design solutions for Eighth Street and the Boardman Lake corridor including a possible Boardman Lake Avenue and Boardman Lake Trail extensions. In addition, the City participates in the multi-jurisdictional Traverse City Area Transportation and Land Use Study (TC-TALUS) on comprehensive transportation planning.

Traffic Counts

The lifespan of a road is dependent on the amount of traffic that uses it. Traffic count data are useful for calculating the remaining service life of a pavement. Estimating traffic type is also important. Heavy loads, such as those generated by trucks, break down pavement quicker than passenger cars. Knowing traffic volumes and type will be useful for future planning and Pavement Management Systems.

The City collects traffic counts for selected locations annually. The data that is collected provides a reasonable representation of the conditions encountered during the collection timeframe. Counts are taken during the mid-week. Conditions such as the weather, the day of the week, the time of the year and limitations of the data collection device can affect the results.

Traffic count data for selected locations on major streets is collected annually. For local streets, the Engineering Department is collecting traffic count data at five-year intervals. Traffic data for alleys are being collected at ten-year intervals. Historical and current traffic count data is available here and from sources such as Grand Traverse County and MDOT.

eighth_street_3.jpgTraffic Studies

Speed counts, stop warrants, and other traffic studies have been conducted on a select number of streets. Recent studies are posted at the link below.

Traffic Studies


Division Street

The City of Traverse City has been working with MDOT and the Division Street Steering Committee on recommended improvements to the Division St/US-31/M-37 corridor.divisiontraffic.jpg

Eighth Street

north_section_1.jpgBoardman Lake Avenue

Traverse City Area Transportation and Land Use Study (TC-TALUS)

The mission of the Traverse City Area Transportation and Land Use Study (TC-TALUS) is to provide coordinated leadership and direction for the development and conduct of the continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process for the Traverse City urban area. 

Woodmere Avenue


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