Mission, Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Traverse City Coast Guard City Committee is to promote and support United States Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City

Goals & Objectives


In 2019-20, the Committee will complete the following objectives in order to PROMOTE the men and women of the Coast Guard:

  1. Continue fund raising to maintain the Coast Guard statue.
  2. Devise and execute a public outreach strategy starting with the compilation of a list of who is doing what.
  3. Continue the signage and banners.
  4. Host or participate in events designed to promote the Coast Guard in Traverse City, including Open Ramp,Friday Night Live, National Cherry Festival parades and events, and a Welcome Picnic/Ice Cream Social /or similar event such as a softball or basketball game.    
  5. Work with the Traverse City Garden Club to install a garden that celebrates the Coast Guard, preferably located in mini-park close to the statue.
  6. Do media blasts around USCG Day (Aug. 4) or August as birthday month.


In 2019-2020, the Committee will complete the following objectives in order to SUPPORT the men and women of the Coast Guard:

  1. Initiate conversations with the Chamber of Commerce about ways to promote and support the Coast Guard through the Chamber, including adding the Coast Guard as a topic for the leadership Grand Traverse Program.
  2. Develop a directory of local businesses that are supportive of Coast Guard personnel with business-related discounts.
  3. Develop a series of special recognitions and awards such as the USCG Cherry Wings Award keyed to the Coast Guard honors of Enlisted Persons of the Quarter and Year.  
  4. Develop a legislative agenda designed to support the Coast Guard including:
    1. Designate a legislative liaison with our Congressional Delegation.
    2. Conduct a survey of CG personnel asking them about their challenges as well as what’s good and what may not be so good, and
    3. Cooperative outreach to a broader association of Coast Guard communities.
    4. Supplement and/or further develop a Community Outreach and Mentoring program designed to welcome and orientate new Coast Guard families to Traverse City. (Coordinate with # 4 under PROMOTE)
    5. Provide at Annual reports on the accomplishments of the Coast Guard Committee to the City Commission.


  1. As necessary, develop more detailed plans around these objectives, including detailed strategies, goals, metrics, and time frames.
  2. Develop a communications strategy designed to inform not only the City Commission but the general public of Committee plans and events
  3. Work collaboratively with Air Station Traverse City Commanding Officer in each of these areas to ensure input and support.