City Commission Policies

Americans With Disabilities Act

Appointments and Committees

Banner Policy

Brown Bridge Quiet Area Rules

Building Electrification

Capital Asset and Controlled Capital-Type Items Policy

Carnegie Building Use Policy

City Clerk and City Treasurer Discipline

Community Garden Program Policy

Con Foster Museum Long Term Loan Conversion

Policy Statement on Collection Accessions, Deaccessions and Loans

Complete Streets Policy Resolution

Cost Reimbursement

Defense and Indemnification of Officials and Employees

Duncan L. Clinch Yacht Harbor Seasonal Rental Waiting List

Electronic Device Divestment Policy

Equal Opportunity

Fireworks on City Property and Within 500 Feet of City Waters Policy

Freedom of Information Act

General Fund Balance

Granting Options on Lots Located in Traversefield Enterprise Place

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Policy

Hickory Hills Events Policy 

Hiring and Promotion Objectives

Implementation Policy for Charter Section 28 Building Height Restriction

Indefinite Moratorium on the Purchase of ACT 345 Pension Service Credit

Identity Theft Prevention Program Policy

Increase Tax Base thru Coordination Between City and Outlying Areas

Infrastructure Strategy Policy

Interest Rate Charges in Special Improvement Districts

Inventory, Use, and Disposal of City-Owned Property

Investment of City Funds and Approving City Investment

Mailbox Damage

Monitoring Wells

Monument Policy

Naming Policy - Parks and Other City-owned and operated Facilities

Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Homestead Guidelines

Parks -- Banning Alcohol

Parks and Public Land Use

Park Protection

Payment in Lieu of Taxes Policy, Procedure, and Scoring Matrix

Portable In-Street Pedestrian Signs Policy and Procedure

Post-Retirement Requests

Poverty Exemptions by Board of Review

Preserve Brick Streets Along 6th and 8th Streets.

Preserve Hickory Gift Acceptance, Donor Recognition and Naming Policy

Previous Service Requests

Resolution for Imposition of Property Tax Administrative Fee

Purchasing Policy

Recording Retention Schedule

Record Retention Management

Residential Lighting

Retirement System Credit for Prior Service

Senior Center Gift Acceptance Donor Recognition and Naming Policy

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Smoking Policy

Social Media Site Posting

Street Lighting System (Operations and Maintenance)

Street Tree Fertilization

Street Use Policy for Community Events

Temporary Permits for Groundwater Remediation Projects in G.T. Area

Tax Abatement Guidelines Regarding Industrial Facilities

Tax Millage Allocation

Traffic Calming Program

Use of City-Issued Electronic Devices

User Fees, Programming and Regional Cooperation

Vacation Home Rental Grandfathering Policy

Water Bottles Prohibited at City Facilities and Events

Written Appeals to Board of Review