City Clerk's Office


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8:00 am–5:00 pm
8:00 am-4:00 pm
Excluding Most Federal Holidays


City of Traverse City
City Clerk's Office
400 Boardman Avenue
Traverse City, MI 49684
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Benjamin Marentette

City Clerk

Sarah Lutz

Deputy City Clerk

Colleen Paveglio

City Communications Manager

Rebecca Adler

City Clerk's Operations Coordinator

Laurie Peet

Administrative Specialist

Kristen Messner

Licensing & Election Specialist

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The City Clerk's Office serves as the legislative and corporate office for the City of Traverse City, with many operational responsibilities, serving in accordance with and upholding the Michigan Constitution, Michigan law, the City Charter, city ordinances, City Commission Policies, and Administrative Orders of the City Manager.

To provide a system of checks and balances and proper autonomy in city government operations, allowing the City Clerk to carry out official functions without undue influence, the City Manager's appointment and removal of the City Clerk requires five affirmative votes of the City Commission.

The team in the City Clerk's Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve the City of Traverse City!

Please contact me or any member of our team if you have any questions or comments.

My very best,

Benjamin Marentette, MMC
City Clerk