Rules & Regulations


SEASON:  Clinch Marina operates generally from May 15 to October 20. 

TRANSIENTS:  Transient vessels shall contact the Dock House immediately upon entering the Marina for registration, confirmation of reservations and slip assignments. 

FEES:  The Department of Natural Resources, State Waterways Division sets transient rates.  ALL FEES SHALL BE PAID IN ADVANCE.  Transient fees are based on the vessel’s OVERALL length, including but not limited to bow pulpits, swim platforms and outboard motors.  Transient boaters who leave before the end of a planned stay may receive a refund for unused days.

CREDIT CARDS:  VISA, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.

BOATER’S BUILDING:  The Boater’s Building provides restrooms, showers and laundry facilities and also includes a day room equipped with a television and a kitchenette with a microwave oven, a coffeemaker and a small sink.  A code is required for access to the Boater’s Building.  The code is only issued to registered boaters and will be changed periodically.  A sheltered outdoor pavilion with a gas grill is available.  Use of the Boater’s Building by anyone other than registered boaters and their onboard guests is prohibited.  Marina amenities cannot be reserved except with prior permission by the Harbormaster.

MARINE RADIO:  Clinch Marina monitors two radio channels.  Channel 16 is the emergency channel.  Channel 9 is the hailing channel.

FUEL:  Clinch Marina has both diesel fuel and mid-grade gasoline available.  Fueling procedures are posted at the fuel dock.  Fuel must be stored in tanks or containers specifically designed to hold such products.  All fueling or filling of tanks or containers must be performed at the fuel dock, following proper fueling procedures.

PUMP OUTS:  Pump outs are available at the fuel dock.  Cost is $6.00 for standard holding tanks; $12.00 for holding tanks over 30 gallons.

SHORT-TERM DOCKAGE:  Boaters are welcome to tie up for a maximum of 2 hours free of charge for shopping or dining in Traverse City subject to availability of space.  During peak usage times of the season, this offer may be restricted or rescinded.  Boaters seeking short-term dockage MUST notify the Dock House upon arrival and shall be directed to available dockage.

TRASH:  Dumpsters are provided next to the white storage building.  Please place all bagged trash in these containers.  There are also trash cans provided for small amounts of waste along the Marina promenade.  NO DISPOSAL OF OIL OR OTHER FLUIDS SUCH AS ANTIFREEZE OR PAINT IS PERMITTED ON CITY PROPERTY.

DISCHARGE:  No polluting materials, including but not limited to fuel, waste or antifreeze may be discharged within the marina.

DOCK CARTS:  Dock carts are provided as a courtesy for the use of registered boaters.  Please return dock carts to the Boater’s Building immediately after use for the convenience of fellow boaters.

PARKING:  Seasonal slip holders will each receive two parking passes, one of which will not be valid during the Cherry Festival.  Transient boaters will each receive one parking pass.  A vehicle with a pass may park in any of the metered parking spaces throughout the Marina area, without cost.  Seasonal boaters may also park in the seasonal lot west of the white storage building. Metered spaces throughout the Marina area are also open to the general public.  Please display parking passes properly to prevent parking enforcement officers from ticketing your vehicle.

BOAT TRAILERS:  Overnight boat trailer parking is prohibited throughout the Marina area, including the vehicle-with-trailer parking area adjacent to the launch ramp.  Transient boaters may leave their vehicle (with trailer attached) in this area temporarily while bringing their boat into the Marina but must move as soon as possible.  Under no circumstances should a trailer be left unattached to a vehicle.  This parking area is controlled by the State Waterways Division and is restricted to day-use only.  Off-site trailer parking is available for $5.00/night – please make arrangements at the Dock House when registering upon arrival.

SECURITY:  Uniformed security officers patrol the Marina and the Boardman River from 9:00pm to 5:00am, 7 days per week.

RESERVATIONS:  Reservations for Clinch Marina are available only through the Michigan DNR reservation system.  Call (800) 447-2757 or make reservations online at  Unreserved slips and broadside dockage are available on a first-come first-served basis only.

LENGTH OF STAY:  Transient boaters are permitted to stay a maximum of 14 consecutive days, and must then vacate the Marina for a minimum of 48 hours.

CHECK-OUT TIME:  11:00 a.m.  Clinch Marina is subject to full-capacity conditions during peak seasonal usage.  Boats left unattended beyond their check-out time are subject to removal AT OWNER EXPENSE.  Late departures will be charged for another full day.

BOAT LAUNCH:  There is a boat launch located at the east end of Clinch Marina.  Launch fees are charged for boats that are not registered at the Marina.  A daily launch fee of $6.00 is payable at the ramp.  Fees shall be placed in the provided envelope and deposited in the pipe at the ramp.  The envelope has a tear-off permit which must be filled out and displayed in the windshield of the vehicle parked in the vehicle-with-trailer slots located adjacent to the ramp.  TRAILERS MUST BE ATTACHED TO A VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES.  Seasonal launch permits are available for $45.00 or $20.00 for seniors (60 and over) at the Marina Dock House or at the Governmental Center, 400 Boardman Avenue.  Commercial vendors are charged $12.00 per boat on a daily basis and $90.00 for a seasonal permit.  Seasonal permit stickers must be affixed to the tongue of the trailer in an easily visible location.

DOCK LINES:  All boats must be equipped with minimum ½ inch diameter twisted or braided nylon or approved equivalent dock lines.  Vessels with improper lines may not stay overnight.

ELECTRICAL CORDS AND ADAPTORS:  Power cords must be of marine-approved construction.  Cords plugged into 30 amp outlets must be rated for 30 amps.  Cords plugged into 50 amp outlets must be rated for 50 amps.  Adaptors are prohibited that defeat the integrity of the safety breakers – i.e. standard household extension cords cannot be adapted to 30 or 50 amp outlets.  Please keep power cords out of walkways to prevent trip hazards.

VESSEL CONDITION:  Vessels shall be in seaworthy condition and not constitute a fire hazard or obstruction to navigation.

ANCHORING, MOORING, CRUISING:  Anchoring or mooring within the confines of the Marina is prohibited.  Due to the congested conditions during peak usage, cruising within the Marina is discouraged.

EMERGENCY DOCKAGE:  In order to provide emergency shelter to transient vessels, Harbormaster approved occupancy may be allocated which may temporarily conflict with these RULES AND REGULATIONS.

NO WAKE:  A no-wake rule is strictly enforced within the Marina.  The boundary for the no-wake rule when entering or leaving the marina is a line connecting the navigational aids at the mouth of the harbor.

RAFTING:  Rafting is prohibited in the Marina unless prior permission is granted by the Harbormaster.

AUXILIARY CRAFT:  One dinghy or auxiliary craft is permitted per registered boat.  This craft shall not extend beyond the limits of the assigned slip or in any other way interfere with traffic flow in the Marina.  For broadside tie-ups, this craft shall not exceed in length the beam of the associated boat, and shall be secured to the associated boat perpendicular to the dock.  Rafting of auxiliary craft is prohibited.  No slips will be rented solely for auxiliary craft or for personal watercraft.

SAILING AND ROWING:  All vessels must be operated under engine power within the Marina.

SWIMMING OR DIVING:  No swimming or diving is permitted in the Marina.

MAINTENANCE:  Light maintenance is permitted, however care must be taken so as to not deposit debris such as sawdust, fiberglass particles or cleaning materials on neighboring boats.  Use of power tools and machinery is subject to restriction by the Harbormaster for any reason, including nuisance noise, safety concerns or protection of the Marina facility.  Boat owners must secure permission from the Harbormaster in advance of employing any outside commercial labor on their boat.  Spray painting, power washing or welding and burning in the Marina are strictly prohibited.

COOKING:  Open-flame cooking, using either gas- or charcoal-fueled devices, is strictly prohibited on any wooden dock.  Gas-fueled devices are permitted that are firmly attached to the boat.  For your convenience, charcoal grills are located along the Marina promenade and a gas grill is available in the Marina pavilion.

FISHING:  Fishing is prohibited within the Marina.  Fish cleaning and disposal of fish parts are prohibited on the Marina grounds. 

DOCK SAFETY:  Docks must be kept open at all times for safe and convenient ingress and egress.  Chairs, tables, boat parts and other items must not block the docks.  As a minimum, the amount of space that is needed for a Marina dock cart to easily pass through shall be maintained at all times.  Boaters must keep the docks free of trash and debris at all times.

ORDERLY CONDUCT:  The registered boater is responsible for the orderly conduct of him/her self and of his/her guests.  Throwing sports, kite-flying and radio-controlled toys are prohibited in the Marina area, including parking lots.

NOISE:  For the enjoyment of all, noise shall be held at a minimum at all times within the Marina.  Quiet time begins at 10:00pm.  Amplified music, operation of generators or motors, bright lights and loud gatherings are prohibited during quiet time.  All halyards shall be secured.

PETS:  Pets must be under control and shall remain on a leash at all times.  Pets, other than qualifying service animals, are not permitted inside the Boater’s Building.  Those in control of pets must pick up after them.  Pets should not be left unattended and barking must be restricted.

BICYCLES AND COASTER TOYS:  Bicycles and coaster toys shall not be ridden on any docks.  Bicycles shall not be parked in such a fashion as to impede access to boats at any time.  Bicycles shall not be locked to painted Marina railings, light fixtures or tables – bicycle racks are provided at the east and west ends of the Marina.  Bicycles and coaster toys are prohibited in the Boater’s Building.

MOTORCYCLES, MOPEDS, MOTORIZED VEHICLES:  The Marina promenade is also utilized as a Traverse Area Recreational Trail (TART) path.  Operation of any motorized vehicle is prohibited on the TART pathway, except for those in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Parking of any type of motorized vehicle is prohibited on the promenade or any pedestrian sidewalk.  Motorized vehicles, except for those in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, are prohibited on all wooden docks.

COMMERCIAL USE OF MARINA:  City of Traverse City policy prohibits the use of the Marina facility for commercial purposes, including dockage for commercial or charter vessels.  Advertising including, but not limited to, for sale signs, promotional signs or banners and leaflets or handouts shall be confined to locations provided by the Harbormaster for this purpose.

ENFORCEMENT AND REVISION OF RULES:  Violations of the above RULES AND REGULATIONS may result in expulsion or permanent denial of services at Clinch Marina.  The Harbormaster or his assigns shall be the sole arbiter of enforcement of the Marina RULES AND REGULATIONS.  Duncan L. Clinch Marina is a municipal facility owned and operated by the City of Traverse City and is subject to all applicable laws and ordinances.  RULES AND REGULATIONS may be revised from time to time without prior notification.