Internship Program


The Traverse City Fire Department (TCFD) Internship Program is designed to provide EMS and Fire Services college students the opportunity to gain experience responding with a professional fire department.  Our department will provide hands-on work experience, training, and exposure to the fire service.   We are looking for dynamic, energetic, and responsible individuals committed to fire service education.   Our internship program is designed to allow students to make important contributions to our department while participating in a challenging and rewarding work experience.   We hope the experience you gain with our department helps you achieve your career goals.


  • Sponsorship by an accredited school-approved intern program, and documentation thereof, including proof of insurance.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • State of Michigan (or equivalent) Firefighter I & II certifications and Michigan (or National) medical license (MFR minimum).
  • Additional requirements are to be determined prior to starting the internship.


Under the direct supervision of a TCFD member, the intern will/may:

  1. Respond to fire and other emergency calls with a company unit.
  2. Administer emergency medical care to ill or injured persons at their level of licensure.
  3. Maintain and prepare written reports.
  4. Perform duties required for fire prevention and pre-incident planning.
  5. Assist in the maintenance of fire apparatus and equipment, fire station, and grounds.
  6. Attend drills and training.
  7. Learn fire department rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and techniques.
  8. Complete a daily log.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned.
  10. Interns will be assigned to a suppression crew working 24-hour shifts.


At no time shall the intern receive compensation for their participation in the program.