TCFD Knox Box Program

Is Your Knox Box Up to Date?

What is a Knox Box?

A Knox Box is a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys and contact information for fire departments and emergency medical services to retrieve in emergency situations. Traverse City Fire Department holds the master keys to access Knox Boxes within the jurisdiction. This allows firefighters to quickly enter a building without having to force entry or delay entry waiting for a key holder. 

What buildings have a Knox Box?

Commercial occupancies, multi-family dwellings and mixed use structures. These are affixed to an exterior wall, typically near the primary entrance.

What is placed in a Knox Box?

The contents are dependent on the size and complexity of the building. At a minimum, each Knox Box should have master keys to exterior and interior doors, primary contact information for all occupancies/businesses, and a floor plan diagram. Buildings with fire suppression systems and fire alarm panels should have pertinent keys and information accessible in the Knox Box as well.

When should information be updated?

At this time, all Traverse City buildings need to be updated at the business owners' earliest convenience. Thereafter, any time there has been a change of entry keys or primary contact information for the building. There is no fee associated with this service.

Who uses a Knox Box?

In the City of Traverse City, the Fire Department is responsible for accessing and utilizing the contents of the Knox Box. Keys are secured on all TCFD vehicles and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. The Knox keys are housed in a locked device at all times.

What happens if keys/information are outdated?

In the event of emergency TCFD will gain access with forcible entry tools. Every alarm is treated as a worst case scenario until proven otherwise. Access is gained and a property damage report is completed afterwards.

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