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Public park and receation areas in the City are utilized by the general public for various events. Applicants receive a permit if all requirements are met. High Impact Events are placed on the calendar. 

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Unless otherwise noted, events listed on the calendar are not sponsored or endorsed by the City of Traverse City.

Join Us!

The City teams up with our many partners throughout the year to program parks and/or plan workbees for park improvements.

Are you interested in volunteering? Contact the Parks and Recreation Division at (231) 922-4900.

For a Low Impact Event, please contact Parks & Recreation with any questions at (231) 922-4900.

For a High Impact Event, please contact the City Clerk's office with any questions at (231) 922-4480.

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Do you have feedback on an event held in a City Park?

Use the TC Events Form to provide feedback to City staff.