Capital Improvement Program

The Planning Department administers the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) by working with all City Departments on project submissions and coordinating reports.

The Michigan Planning Act states, "to further the desirable future development of the local unit of government under the master plan, a planning commission under the adoption of a master plan, shall annually prepare a capital improvements program of public structures and improvements..." "...A street, square, park, playground, public way, ground, or other open space; or public building or other structure shall not be constructed or authorized for construction in an area covered by a municipal master plan unless the location, character, and extent of the street, public way, open space, structure or utility have been submitted to the planning commission by the legislative body..."

The Planning Department will convene monthly CIP committee meetings, prepare meeting materials and provide CIP quarterly project progress reports. 

The CIP committee is staff-led and is made up of the City Manager, Public Services Director, City Engineer, Planning Director, Downtown Development Authority Executive Director, Light and Power Director and three Planning Commissioners, one of which is also a City Commissioner.

Capital Improvement Program:


Narrative and Spreadsheet by Program adopted by the Planning Commission (3-1-22)

Spreadsheet by Fund adopted by the Planning Commission (3-1-22)


Narrative and Spreadsheet by Program (adopted) 2021

Spreadsheet by Fund (adopted) 2021







CIP Project Updates:

CIP Process flow charts: