Personnel Complaint

How to File a Citizen Complaint

The Traverse City Police Department personnel complaint form is to be completed when a citizen wishes to file a complaint against a member of the Traverse City Police Department.

This form may be filled out and submitted via email, USPS mail, fax, or dropped off in person. For most individuals, completing the form electronically or by hand and attaching it to an email for submission to TCPDONLINEREPORTS@TRAVERSECITYMI.GOV works best.  A complaint form may also be filled out by a member of the Department, in person or through other means such as the telephone or email.

Below is a list of step-by-step instructions for you to follow if filling this form out on your own.

  1. Page 1, Section 1, Identifying Information:
    1. Name of the complainant
    2. Address of the complainant
    3. Phone numbers of the complainant
    4. Email address of the complainant
    5. Nature of the complaint
  2. Page 1, Section 2, Affirmation Statements:
    1. Be sure to read statements carefully and attest to the complaint by signing where indicated.
      1. If you make a complaint verbally to a member of the Traverse City Police Department, you will be read any statements made and asked to attest to their understanding.
  3. Page 2, Section 3, Departmental members who are the subject of the complaint:
    1. List as much information that is known about the member(s) you are submitting the complaint about.
  4. Page 2, Section 4, Describe:
    1. the details of the complaint to be investigated.
    2. incident information.
    3. physical evidence that may support the complaint.
    4. injuries that may support the complaint.
    5. List any witnesses to the incident that involves the complaint being made.

Attach any additional information that may be supportive in the investigation of the complaint being made.

If you are having trouble submitting this form online - How to submit an online report.