Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a copy of an accident report?

  •  The website will require you to enter your complaint number, which you should have received from the officer who investigated your accident.  The complaint number will most likely be in this format; 781-00000-00.  When entering the complaint number on the website you do not enter the 781.  
  • You may request the report by mail.  Please send $5.00 cash/check with a self-addressed envelope and the complaint number given to you by the officer. 
  • Contact your insurance company directly and ask that they obtain the report for you. 
  • See the "Central Records - FOIA" section on this website for further information.

Where do I drop off my old prescription drugs?

  • You may drop off prescription drugs at the "POD" in the Law Enforcement Lobby Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

I just purchased a gun, how do I register it?

  • Bring your gun registration information to the Law Enforcement Center.
  • Please leave your guns at home, they are not needed to register. 

How do I get fingerprinted, where can I have that done?

  • There are no fingerprinting services offered to the general public at the Law Enforcement Center or the Grand Traverse County Jail.  Should you need fingerprinting services, please contact Identigo, UPS stores, or other regional law enforcement agencies who may still offer these services to the public.    Additional fingerprinting, such as (court-ordered) juvenile prints, expungements, and DNA testing are services that are offered and completed at the Grand Traverse County Jail located at 320 Washington St. Traverse City, MI  49684.  If you have any questions regarding the paperwork or procedure, please contact the Family Division Juvenile Office Specialist at 231-922-4653.  

How do I get someone out of my house?

  • For Emergency matters - CALL 911.
  • For non-emergency matters, you can request an officer by contacting Central Dispatch at (231) 922-4550.
  • Serve the individual with an eviction notice.  For further assistance, you can contact the Civil Clerk at District Court at (231) 922-4586.

How do I get in touch with an officer?

  • For Emergency matters - CALL 911.
  • Non-emergency matters call Central Dispatch at (231) 922-4550.
  • Email if you know the officer's email address.
  • Call 231-995-5007 and listen to automated prompts for the officer's voicemail. 

How do I get information about the incident that happened at my house?

How do I get my arrest record?

  • Come to the Law Enforcement Center and request a copy through the Freedom of Information Act. 

My car was hit in the parking lot, can you help me?

  • Click here to fill out an online private property accident report. 
  • Come to the Law Enforcement Center and obtain a private property accident form.

How do I get a Personal Protection Order (PPO)?

  •  Contact the Women's Resource Center at 720 S. Elmwood Ave #2, Traverse City,  MI 49684, or (231) 941-1210.

How do I report an internet scam?

  • If you are not out of any money or property you do not need to file a complaint with the Traverse City Police Department.  Go to and report it.

How do I file a police report?

  • For Emergency matters - CALL 911
  • For non-emergency matters, you can request an officer by contacting Central Dispatch at (231) 922-4550.
  • For certain non-emergency matters, you may fill out an online report - Click here to see if online reporting is right for you.  
  • Also for non-emergency matters, you can come to the lobby of the Police Department at 851 Woodmere Ave anytime and either speak with a Records Clerk (during business hours) or if after hours, pick up the phone located in the vestibule which will connect you to Central Dispatch.