Officer Eno

Eno is a German Shepherd born on April 26, 2017, in Germany.   He was placed into service on June 28, 2020, and serves our community as a dual-purpose explosives detection dog.  Eno's handler is Officer Logan Core.

Officer Kilo

Kilo is a Belgian Malinois born on April 10, 2021, in Mexico.   He was placed into service on May 26, 2023, and serves our community as a narcotics detection dog.  Kilo's handler is Officer Ben Snyder.

Eno and Kilo both came to us through generous donations from a long time TCPD K9 program supporter and Traverse City resident.    

Our K-9s are trained and certified in tracking, obedience, handler protection, building, article, and area search.  Our Department is pleased to offer our community and other local law enforcement agencies, such well-trained K9 teams. Our K9 teams work extensively together to stay sharp, prepared, fit, and healthy so that when called to duty they are ready and waiting.

The Traverse City Police Department first deployed a certified police canine (K9) in 1993.  Since that time there have been 8 different K9s along with 8 different handlers. Click "Program History" for a look at the past K9s.

Our K9 teams are available to present demonstrations and promote safety and drug awareness at various community events or local businesses.  To request their appearance at an event please contact Captain Richmond at (231) 995-5159 or email at

 K9 Officer Eno