Parking Meter Rates

Parking meters are enforced Monday-Saturday 8 AM-6 PM

Premium Zone – $1.50 per hour
Non-Premium Zone – $1.25 per hour

Click here to view the meter rate zone maps for the Downtown and Outer Downtown, Munson Medical Center or Northwestern Michigan College.

Parking Structure Hourly Rates

Larry C. Hardy Parking Structure

$1.50 per hour, $20.00 daily maximum/overnight
Daily maximum restarts everyday at 7 AM
Lost Ticket $15.00
Event parking up to $20.00 per entry

Old Town Parking Structure

Ground Floor
$1.25 per hour 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday
Overnight Parking is allowed on the ground level free of charge 6 PM-8 AM

Levels 2-4
$1.25 per hour, $20.00 daily maximum/overnight
Daily maximum restarts everyday at 7 AM
Lost Ticket $15.00
Event parking up to $20.00 per entry

Meter Bag Rates

Whether you are hosting an event or performing construction in the downtown area or at Munson, bagging a meter is the best way to ensure that you are able to park at a desired location for a set period of time. Please review our Meter Bag Policy before requesting a meter bag.

$12.00 per space per day with a Valid Right of Way Permit
$15.00 per space per day without a Right of Way Permit

Permit Rates

Downtown Surface Lots

$38.00 per month*
*Effective 10/21/2022 surface permits are no longer available for new purchases and only available to those who are renewing existing permits.

Parking Structures

$50.00 per month – Hardy & Old Town
$30.00 per month – Old Town
$10.00 AVI Replacement Fee

Please review our Permits page for more information on permit parking and waitlists.

Parking Meter FAQ

I keep adding coins to the meter, but it will not increase past two hours.

There is a red and white sticker on each meter that ranges from 30 MIN, 1 HR, 2 HR, 3 HR, 4 HR, 10 HR. This is the maximum time limit on the meter. The meter will not increase past this limit. Refunds are not available for overpayment.

484.02 (a) …In the case of the expired meter, the right of the motor vehicle to occupy such a space shall cease and the driver, possessor or person having control thereof shall be subject to penalties provided in Section 484.99

What is meter coining? Is it allowed

Coining is the act of paying additional time for a metered space that exceeds the maximum time limit posted.

484.04 (b) Overtime Parking …. No person shall make any form of payment for the purpose of increasing or extending the parking time of any vehicle beyond the legal parking time which has been established for the parking space or stall number.

I put money in the meter, but the meter is not accepting coins or reflecting time.

You should move your vehicle to another space. If you are tight on time or cannot find another space, you may leave your vehicle, but you must call our office and provide the malfunctioning meter information (meter number and meter location). You should also provide your license plate number and vehicle description (ex. Red Ford Fusion). If you should get a ticket, we can cross reference it with our meter malfunction log.

When do I have to pay the parking meters?

484.04(a) Meter activation required…parking meters must be activated from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Any overnight vehicles at meters are subject to “Overnight” parking violations. Any overnight vehicle must activate the meter by 8 AM to avoid additional “Meter” parking violations.

What holidays are FREE PARKING?

The following holidays are not enforced: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Meter Bag FAQ

Where can I reserve a meter bag?

You can reserve a meter bag by submitting a Meter Bag Request Form.

Am I able to reserve a space in front of my store if I am having construction work done or am I able to reserve a space in front of my apartment when moving in or out?

Yes. You can call our office at (231) 922-0241 to request a meter bag be placed over the meter(s). Please have the location information available when making the request to ensure the right meter is bagged: business/apartment location, meter number, request start/end dates, and payment information.

Please note that meter bagging is restricted in the core business district on Front Street between Boardman Avenue and Union Street; and Park Street, Cass Street and Union Street between Front and State Street. The purpose of this restriction is to protect access to parking near storefronts.

Request Meter Bag

I noticed that a meter bag expired yesterday and is not being used. Can I remove it?

No. The public is not permitted to tamper with or remove meter bags. You should call our office at (231) 922-0241 and an enforcement officer will remove the bag for you.

I have a Right-of-way permit do I have to pay for bagged meters?

Yes. The ROW permit specifies that parking should be setup through Parking Services. Meter bags cost $12 with a right-of-way permit and $15 without.

Call our offices (231) 922-0241 no later than 2 PM the date prior to the work being performed to ensure access to the requested space(s).

I bagged a meter and an unknown vehicle is parked in my spot. What should I do?

If a space is available at a location that is close in proximity to your requested location, you may park in the open space. Call our office (231) 922-0241 to let us know that you moved to a new space to avoid being cited, and whether or not to tow the vehicle that has parked in your space.

The vehicle parked in the bagged space will be cited for improper parking and where prohibited by sign.

We would like to avoid towing vehicles, but will act upon your request if the bagged space is required.

I have a food truck. Am I allowed to bag a meter?

No. You can, however, vend from parking spaces in designated locations as defined by the Application for Mobile Food Vending License on page 6. Permitted vendors are allowed to exceed the maximum time limit on these spaces, so long as the meter/space is activated.

Mobile Food Vending Ordinances

Parking Structure FAQ

I do not have any money. How do I exit the parking structure?

Per local ordinance 480.06 Parking garage regulations. Any person who parks a motor vehicle in any Public Parking Facility, shall pay the rates duly established for such parking before removing said vehicle from the parking facility. Parking a vehicle in a parking garage without use of access control device for entrance and exit shall be a violation of this code, unless the driver shall pay the regular hourly rates. Local ordinance 488.06 Schedule of civil fines. (39) Parking Garage Short Money violation shall be issued to exit when hourly rates are unable to be paid.