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Loose Leaf Pick Up

The City of Traverse City conducts a loose leaf pick up program in spring and fall seasons.

The Spring Loose Leaf Pick Up Program will begin Monday, April 12, 2021 on the WEST side of the City. 

Due to weather, no specific pickup date will be scheduled.  We will cover the City neighborhoods, beginning on the west side and moving eastward, over a period of 5 to 7 weekdays with only one pass. 

The City asks that leaves not be placed in the street before Thursday, April 8th. However, you may place leaves in the tree lawn. For further clarification as to placement of leaves, visit City Ordinance 668.03. 

General Guidelines for the Spring Loose Leaf Collection Program

  • Feel free to rake and pile leaves on the tree lawn prior to April 8th
  • Do not use plastic bags - loose leaves only are best and biodegradable bags are acceptable
  • Leaves in the street; brush in the alley - if there is no alley, brush can be placed behind the curb or pavement edge of the street
  • Brush piles can be up to 8' x 8' and 4' high
  • Christmas trees are okay
  • No logs, stumps, or root balls
  • Always avoid covering catch basins when raking and leave clear of debris
  • Please do not park vehicles over leaf piles in City streets - if we are unable to pick up those leaves, it will be the homeowner's responsibility

Residents should remember that if they have yard waste that they want picked up before the City’s leaf pick up, American Waste does have a program to pick up for a fee. Call American Waste at 231-943-8088 for information regarding their sticker program.

FUN FACT: The City’s Loose Leaf Pick Up program prevents leaves from winding up in a landfill and catch basins. The leaves are turned into rich screened topsoil and used by the Parks Division for flower beds!

This page last updated on 3/26/2021.