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Lower Boardman River Leadership Team

The Traverse City DDA established the Lower Boardman River Leadership Team as an ad hoc group with diverse interests to encourage and foster development of a Unified Plan that protects, restores, and preserves access and wise use of the 1.6 miles of the Boardman River that is located in Downtown. This includes identifying policies, facilities, amenities, programs, and other considerations that should be implemented to encourage balanced/wise/sustainable/reasonable use and enjoyment of this natural resource in Downtown Traverse City.

The Lower Boardman River Unified Plan is to be developed with the engagement of all interests to take advantage of expertise and input. Just as the plan may identify priorities for recreational, educational and interpretive initiatives, so should it identify projects involving land/water management policies and projects to address stormwater management and control habitat, protection, and enhancement.

To find meeting dates, visit Lower Boardman River Leadership Team

This page last updated on 6/29/2021.