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Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center Lottery

by Alanna Crouch
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Issued:                         April 23, 2019


City Clerk Benjamin Marentette will conduct a lottery on Friday, May 3, 2019, at 10 a.m. in the Commission Chambers on the second floor of the Governmental Center for all prequalified applicants for medical marihuana provisioning centers.

The City Clerk’s Office has received 78 applications for medical marihuana provisioning centers.  Not all have been prequalified at this time as they are still being vetted; and some applications are missing required information and have been notified that they must provide the missing information in order to be eligible for the lottery.

At the lottery, which is open to the public and to which all prequalified applicants will be invited, the City Clerk will randomly draw the names of all prequalified applicants, to assign them a number, which will establish an eligibility list.  

The first thirteen on the eligibility list will have six months to obtain a Medical Marihuana Facilities Permit from the City Clerk, which will be issued upon final review of all application materials, including operations plans, background investigation, physical inspections, etc.   If a Medical Marihuana Facilities Permit is not issued within six months and not extended for “good cause,” the next applicant on the Eligibility List will have an opportunity to obtain a Medical Marihuana Facilities Permit.

The City Clerk will accept applications for all other types of medical marihuana facilities on an ongoing basis and a lottery will not be conducted for those because there is not a maximum number of such licenses that may be issued.