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Beet Heet to Hit Traverse City Streets

by Colleen Paveglio
Wednesday, December 23, 2020

December 23, 2020 - The City of Traverse City’s Department of Public Services (DPS) continues to explore the best management practices and products to provide snow and ice-free travel ways. The DPS Streets Division explored products regionally and nationally that provide safe roadways and can reduce the use of salt and sand. Recommendations for an ice fighting product called Beet Heet were made based on research and conversations with management officials from Emmet County, MI, Sturgis, MI, Rochester, NY, Erie, PA, and Syracuse, NY.

“Traverse City residents hold tremendous value in the quality of our natural world/environment and our water quality. The Beet Heet product received excellent reviews from various municipalities and agencies that our department contacted. We look forward to launching a product that continues to make an impact on a more sustainable future,” says DPS Director Frank Dituri.

Beet Heet is not to be confused with beet juice or various alcohol based products. Residents may notice differences from the current use of pure salt (white in color) as this product is described as having a darker color, that is more water soluble than salt and has a mild aroma of coffee or chocolate. The product is more efficient at melting ice, and is effective to much lower temperatures than the salt the City currently uses. There are immediate environmental benefits as a result of the reduction in the amount of salt and sand needed to keep roads safe. Beet Heet is much less corrosive than salt and is rapidly bio-degradable. Furthermore, the efficacy of its use translates into a substantial cost savings to the City when compared to the status quo. 

It is the City’s intent, with the use of Beet Heet, to provide an equivalent or elevated level of service in a more efficient manner, and to reduce the use of salt and sand thereby reducing effects on the environment.