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City Publishes The Performance 2021

by Colleen Paveglio
Thursday, January 6, 2022

City of Traverse City Reviews Annual Achievements

Approximately $32 Million in projects outlined in report

The City of Traverse City has released its 2021 annual report, The Performance, which provides insight into major accomplishments and significant projects completed during the past year, and also a glimpse into what’s next. Throughout the report many achievements for the City are highlighted, among many other topics. 

"The City overcame numerous hurdles this past year and yet continued to provide quality municipal services to the residents of Traverse City.  A proactive approach to addressing aging infrastructure

resulted in over $32 million in investment, nearly 10 times above an average year. Once in a lifetime projects such as bridge rehabilitation and sidewalk and trail expansion were accomplished. We are grateful for leadership from the City Commission, our hard working staff, City residents, and our many partners, as we work together for a better a Traverse City,” says City Manager Martin Colburn.

An overview of achievements related to infrastructure improvements, green initiatives, mobility, community enhancements, governance, and public safety are outlined within the report. Strategic Goals developed by the City Commission to tackle in 2020-2021 had specific action steps related to five issues; water related infrastructure, transportation, housing, tax revenue, and economic development.  

The report provides detail on the $32 Million in infrastructure projects managed by the City in 2021. Highlights include the City’s Bridge Rehabilitation Project where three bridges were completed in 5 months. Nearly $2 Million was invested into water and sewer upgrades and a project plan was adopted for future upgrades and investment.  Projects relating to water protection included a collaboration with The Watershed Center to restore Kids Creek. The project is working toward removing Kids Creek from the State of Michigan’s Impaired Water List.

Improving the mobility network throughout the City, a multiyear sidewalk and trail expansion project wrapped up with a total of approximately $8 Million in investment and 20.37 miles of sidewalk and trail improvements. After many years of planning and collaboration between local, state, and federal networks of government and nonprofits, the Boardman Lake Loop Trail was authorized for completion between 14th Street and Medalie Park. Lastly, a number of initiatives were approved and executed to address affordable housing needs within the City for all ages and income level.

"Serving our great community is an honor as we strive for municipal improvements that contribute to the health of our region economically and environmentally. 2021 was a year of major investment into critical infrastructure and projects that support our quality of life within the City. We look forward to a strong 2022 that is built on shared ideals for our community and a solid foundation of financial security," says Traverse City Mayor Richard Lewis. 

While The Performance serves as a progress report for the City’s past year, each individual department will present their annual reports to the City Commission with greater detail in the upcoming months. 

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