Bridge Rehabilitation Project Begins January 30, 2023

January 23, 2023

Bridge Rehabilitation Project Resumes with the S. Union Street and N. Cass Street Bridges

The City of Traverse City is preparing to complete the multi-year bridge rehabilitation project with construction on the N. Cass Street Bridge and the S. Union Street Bridge. Major bridgework is slated to begin January 30, 2023. The two projects were bundled to attract bridge contractors to bid on the project, drive competitive pricing, and complete in the shortest amount of time possible.

City staff is coordinating the project with MDOT’s Traverse City Transportation Service Center and Local Agency Bridge program, the City’s municipal utilities and public services, DDA, State and Federal agencies, property owners, and water recreation businesses. The total for both bridge projects will be approximately $4 million with the majority of funds from the MDOT Local Bridge Funding program.

"The Bridge Rehabilitation Project is critical to maintaining the infrastructure throughout the City. We look forward to the completion of this comprehensive rehabilitation project in the city center,” says City Engineer Tim Lodge.

S. Union Street Bridge 

The S. Union Street Bridge rehabilitation work is slated to begin Monday, January 30, 2023 at 9 am. Improvements include replacement of existing concrete deck and steel beams on the existing foundation, widening sidewalks to 9' 10", installation of an MDOT crash tested/approved bridge railing detail painted black along sidewalk edge with historic balustrade pedestrian railing to restore original aesthetic treatment, and a pedestrian railing approaching bridge. The project is anticipated to be complete June 30, 2023, weather permitting.

N. Cass Street Bridge

The N. Cass Street Bridge rehabilitation work is slated to begin Monday, January 30, 2023 at 9 am. Improvements include replacement of existing deck, concrete beams and railing on the existing foundation, widening sidewalks to 8' 7.5", installation of an MDOT crash tested/approved bridge railing detail painted black with aesthetic treatment at ends, and pedestrian railing approaching bridge. The project is anticipated to be complete June 30, 2023, weather permitting.

Planning and implementation for the Bridge Rehabilitation Project stated in 2009. Construction kicked off in June 2021 that included the bridges on Park Street, S. Cass Street, and E. Eighth Street. A full reconstruction of the W. Front Street Bridge was completed in July 2022. Over $9 Million has been invested in the Bridge Rehabilitation Project to date.

"The upcoming bridge work is critical to maintaining our infrastructure within the City. We appreciate the staff time that has been dedicated to preparing for these major projects. We are pleased to have funding assistance from MDOT, Downtown Development Authority, and the City of Traverse City, to invest in infrastructure and develop increased amenities such as pedestrian lighting and wider sidewalks,” says City Manager Martin Colburn.

Detours and Closures

The construction will generate dust and noise. Traffic delays are expected. Pedestrian and vehicular detour maps have been developed to assist those traveling throughout the City. East bound traffic on the south state Street alley between Union and Cass will be maintained. West bound through traffic will be prohibited. The Cass Street Pedestrian Tunnel will remain open. However, the accessible ramp will be closed. Those needing an alternative route, will be directed to cross the Grandview Parkway at Union Street. The Boardman River will be closed to traffic during construction. As the summer season approaches, the work will conclude on weekdays as possible, but may include weekends to complete the project in a timely manner.

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