Business/Organization Humanitarian Award

April 28, 2023

Human Rights Commission to Honor Business/Organization Humanitarian Efforts Awardees

The City of Traverse City Human Rights Commission received nominations for its Business/Organization Humanitarian Efforts Award, which was established to honor and give public recognition to a business or organization that has demonstrated an ongoing and sustained commitment to helping others in the Traverse City Region. Two organizations were selected for this award, Food Rescue of NW Michigan and Traverse Health Clinic and Coalition. 

“Traverse City is fortunate to have so many organizations working to better improve the many lives in our community. This year’s honorees truly exemplify the spirit of this Human Rights Commission award and we are honored to highlight their important contributions to the fabric of this community,” stated Kristine Bosley, Human Resource Director. 

Food Rescue of NW Michigan was selected as this year’s awardee for an organization with 30 or less employees. Nominations received stated the following; “Food Rescue of NW Michigan, a program of Goodwill, rescues over 6,000 pounds of healthy, fresh and nutritious food from grocery stores, bakeries and farmer markets every day from our 5 counties. This food would otherwise end up in the landfill. Working with the NW food coalition, thousands of pounds of food id purchased from local farmers every year. Every summer, the Healthy Harvest group of Food Rescue volunteers, harvest thousands of pounds of food from farmers’ fields that would otherwise remain on the trees and in the soil. All of the food donated and delivered free of charge, to the dozen food pantries, community meal sites and churches every weekday. Food Rescue manager Taylor Moore works with community members, including children, to educate them about the important of supporting our under severed community members by offering them good healthy food. For the last 14 years, Food Rescue of NWMI has been addressing the problem of food insecurity in our region.”  

Traverse Health Clinic and Coalition (THCC) was selected as this year’s awardee for an organization with more than 30 employees. Nominations received stated the following; “Traverse Health Clinic provides access to care for members of our community who are often overlooked and under-served. Roughly half of those THCC serves have household incomes below the poverty line. For them, THCC is a critical health care safety net. Patients who cannot otherwise afford their medications are able to get them for free through THCC’s Medication Access program.” “Thousands of people have access to vital health care services because of THCC and the organizations forming its foundation. No one is ever turned away because they can’t pay. In 2022, THCC served nearly 4,000 individuals, including many of our most vulnerable neighbors. THCC got its start in 1975 when some local doctors and nurses began volunteering their services to people who couldn’t afford medical care.”

Please join the Human Rights Commission in celebrating the honorees on May 1, 2023 in the 2nd Floor Training Room located in the Governmental Center 400 Boardman Ave at 6:00 pm. Following, awards will be presented at the City Commission meeting at 7:00 pm.