City Academy Applications Available

February 1, 2024

City of Traverse City Opens Application for 2024 City Academy Program

Participation Applications Available Through February 29, 2024

The City of Traverse City has opened applications for the 2024 City Academy. The program’s purpose is to inspire citizens to be informed about the issues surrounding city government and how it functions in order to contribute in the most meaningful way.

Ever pondered the reasoning behind selecting a particular street for reconstruction, the measures in place to ensure the safety of our drinking water, or whom to contact for maintenance municipal service? Uncover the answers to these questions and more by joining City Academy!

The 5-week program will include 8 sessions from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm, and kicks off on April 23, 2024.  

Throughout the program, participants will engage with City staff, delving into the realms of both long-term planning and day-to-day operations. From informative presentations to exclusive "behind-the-scenes" facility tours at locations such as Hickory Hills, Fire Station 1, Water Treatment Plant, and Wastewater Treatment Plant, attendees will gain valuable insights into the pivotal role local government plays in shaping the quality of life for Traverse City residents.

“Our goal for this program is to inspire community members to engage meaningfully with City government. We aim to increase participation, not only in formal roles like City Commission and appointed boards but also in various informal ways and therefore building a more representative and vibrant local government. We anticipate participants will be moved to actively shape the City's future, taking on roles within City Boards and Commissions,” says City Clerk Benjamin Marentette. 

City Academy Goals

  1. Knowledge: Inform citizens about how the City is organized and how services are funded and delivered through first-hand involvement. Create opportunities for mutual learning.
  2. Involvement: Growing a pipeline for substantial citizen involvement in the form of serving on boards, commissions, committees, and so forth. Become ambassadors for the City.
  3. Community Relations: Building relationships with City staff by developing open lines of communication by reducing barriers and developing social capital for meaningful dialogue and collective action. 

“We were thrilled with the success of the inaugural year. The program exceeded expectations, serving as a testament to the program's effectiveness in building bridges and creating a foundation for ongoing collaboration and dialogue between the community and local government. We are looking forward to hosting the 2024 program," said Colleen Paveglio, Communications Manager and Program Director.

Applications for City Academy are available February 1, 2024 – February 29, 2024. Program participants should represent an ecosystem that blends well and be a wide representation of the entire City. No more than 15 participants will be chosen for the 2023 City Academy. City residents will be considered first for acceptance into the program.

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