City Clerk Accepted into Harvard Kennedy School

February 27, 2023

City Clerk Benjamin Marentette to earn public leadership credential from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government

City Clerk Benjamin Marentette has been accepted into Harvard University’s Kennedy School Public Leadership Program. This program builds upon the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Fellowship Marentette completed in Cambridge, Mass. in 2017. The focus areas of this program are strategic leadership and negotiations.

The program includes on-campus lectures, simulations, advanced reading, case study examinations, and virtual campus work. The program will conclude with an assigned capstone project designed by Harvard to be completed by Marentette in 2023. Students from 124 countries have pursued this credential to make their communities better. Marentette is slated to complete all necessary coursework and the capstone project to earn the credential in 2023. Marentette has served as City Clerk since his appointment in September 2011, and holds a prominent, executive-level position with a broad-range of responsibilities for facilitating the business and work of city government, essentially serving as Chief Operating Officer. He serves on a variety of boards and committees, and has served as special advisor on a variety of community and statewide initiatives, and public policy efforts. Marentette holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance and leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Development. In 2017, he was selected by his peers across the State of Michigan as Michigan City Clerk of the Year.

“In 2005 I was honored with the experience to complete the Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executive in State and Local Government fellowship, just as Benjamin did in 2017. I am in full support of his pursuit which will significantly build on the fellowship by completing Harvard Kennedy School’s very reputable Public Leadership Program. I am confident that his expansion of leadership skills will positively benefit the City and community,” stated Mayor Richard Lewis. 

Mayor Pro Tem Amy Shamroe added, "Benjamin's acceptance into this excellent program for a second time is a great opportunity for the City. We are fortunate that he continues to strive for growth in his leadership skills to benefit the City as we work together to achieve our shared goals.”

"I am in full support of ongoing education and credentialing as an added value so our senior staff can grow professionally and support the missions of the City. I am proud of our City Clerk, Benjamin Marentette for being accepted, once again, into this prestigious program," says Martin Colburn, City Manager.

Marentette is humbled and inspired by this opportunity, “I am extremely grateful to have the support to pursue this level of meaningful intellectual and professional development. The high-performing team we have here makes it possible for me to seize this type of opportunity and deepens my gratitude. I am very excited to bring back the benefits to help guide this amazing corner of the world we call TC!”