City Launches Interactive Capital Improvements Plan Map

February 3, 2023

City of Traverse City Launches Capital Improvements Plan Map

As the City of Traverse City begins its annual Capital Improvements Planning process, an interactive map has been launched to better engage with citizens about upcoming infrastructure improvements being planned within the City of Traverse City.

A Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) serves as a planning document and contains all the individual capital projects, equipment purchases, and major studies for a local government; in conjunction with construction and completion schedules, and in consort with financing plans. The CIP document contains 6 years of projects with projected costs and financing and works as a blueprint for sustaining and improving the community’s infrastructures. It coordinates strategic planning, financial capacity, and physical development.

The CIP is a “living document” for capital and operating budgets. Projects and timelines may shift due to financing and the need to synchronize with other projects. The CIP is also important because it puts the City in a position to quickly take advantage of federal or state grant programs and opportunities. The Planning Department administers the CIP by working with all City Departments on project submissions and coordinating reports.

“We are excited to have completed the work and launch the interactive CIP map to the public. The map includes all six years of the CIP and will serve as an easy tool for the public to source the prioritization matrix for the City’s long-term goals and objectives,” says Shawn Winter, City Planning Director.

The application provides a visual and interactive experience for end users to view CIP projects geographically as well as view information that is found in the CIP Report. Filters may be used to view projects by fiscal year, department, or by selecting a specific project. By clicking on the project extent on the map, a pop-up window will provide the detailed information. The map also contains a metrics tab that provides an additional breakdown of projects and is responsive to the filters.

The CIP will be introduced to the Planning Commission at their Tuesday, February 7, 2023 meeting. The Planning Commission will consider setting a public hearing for the CIP on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

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