Master Plan Workshops on Tourism Planning: February 21

February 13, 2023

The City of Traverse City will be hosting two community workshops regarding planning for tourism, in relation to the Master Planning Project, both on Tuesday, February 21, 2023. The tourism industry has shaped the community and economy of Traverse City for centuries and impacts economic development, transportation, housing, infrastructure, arts and culture, and recreation—all of which are key elements within the City’s Master Plan.

Discussion topics will include the following in relation to how tourism impacts city planning and land use;

  • Tourism planning best practices;
  • Current tourism data and trends in Traverse City; and
  • Discussion about your ideas and experiences regarding tourism and land use/city policy in Traverse City, now and in the future. 

“Incorporating the tourism planning element into the Master Planning process is a relatively new process. As we approach a rewrite of the Master Plan, we felt it necessary to incorporate how tourism impacts the City and land use. We look forward to hearing from the public on this specific chapter of the plan and how tourism has impacted their experiences in the City,” says Shawn Winter, City Planning Director.

The public is invited to attend a virtual or in person option. The City will hold additional workshops should sessions be filled.

Workshop A Feb 21, 2023 2—3:30 pm (Virtual via Zoom Workshop)
The first workshop will be held via Zoom from 2—3:30 pm on February 21st and attendance is limited to 100

Workshop B Feb 21, 2023 6—7:30 pm (Traverse Area District Library)
The second workshop will be held in the McGuire Community Room at the Traverse Area District Library
(Main Branch, 610 Woodmere Avenue) and attendance is limited to 70 people. 

If you wish to attend, you must RSVP via the links above. Further instructions, including the Zoom link if
you RSVP for Workshop A, will be provided after you register.

The master plan guides city policy and land use patterns, which in turn affects what types of developments go where; how everything connects via streets, sidewalks, and trails; and what types of infrastructure and amenities serve the community at large, including locals and tourists alike.

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