Service Impacts

June 14, 2024

This list of service impacts will continually be updated as progress is made with the network disruption.

The City of Traverse City and Grand Traverse County are experiencing a network disruption. After an immediate investigation, the matter has been fully recognized as a ransomware incident. We are working with the Michigan State Police, FBI, and liability providers and taking appropriate measures are being taken to protect the system.

Here's what to expect for public services during this transitional period: there will be gaps in service and ongoing changes. An updated list of impacts will continue to be communicated.

Public Safety

  • Emergency services, including 911, law enforcement, and fire operations, are fully operational and unaffected.
  • The non-emergency number has been restored (231) 922-4550

Water & Sewer Invoices

Due to a service interruption on June 12, 2024, the City of Traverse City was unable to bill for roughly 50% of the Water/Sewer Utility customers in June. As a result, beginning on July 15, 2024, we will be generating two utility bills for those affected customers: one for June and another for July.

Key Details

  • If you did not receive a bill in June, both your June and July bills will arrive together in July.
  • The due date for both bills will be the same.
  • For customers enrolled in Autopay, the total amount of both bills will be deducted on the due date.
  • No penalties or late fees will be assessed on these bills.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team at or (231) 922-4431.

Additional City Payment Information*

  • Water & sewer, tax payments, and all BS&A integrated payments are now available. Customers are be able to log in to the portal to access their account balance, see activity, or make one time transactional payments. Log in to InvoiceCloud for Payments

  • *Recent tax invoices had the incorrect QR code. No need to worry, the code goes to GT County's payment portal where you will not be able to pay. However, we have ensured a link on that page to the City's payment portal. Log in to InvoiceCloud for Payments

  • No late fees or penalties are being assessed during this time period. 

  • Payments to Traverse City Light & Power are unaffected.

  • Payments for Parking services and/or violations are unaffected. 

Email, Phone, & Voicemail

  • City and County employees are able to access email. 
  • Currently, the City phone systems are experiencing gaps in service.
  • Voicemail has been restored. However, messages may have been lost that were left recently.
  • Calls to the City and County offices should be made during regular business hours.
  • Phone numbers and email addresses may be found on both the City and County websites.

City Staff Phone/Email Directory

Website Access

  • The City's website are hosted on separate servers and are intact for visiting and navigation
  • Interactive maps have been restored for use on the City's website.

City Public Meeting Streaming Services

  • As of Friday, June 14th, the ability to stream public meetings has been restored.