TCFD to Conduct Training on City Building Slated for Demolition

January 10, 2024

City Building Demolition Provides Fire Department Training Site
Training to be conducted on building near Union Street Dam

The City of Traverse City has announced plans for the demolition of a City owned building situated near the Union Street Dam, paving the way for collaborative training opportunities with the Traverse City Fire Department (TCFD).

The building, positioned adjacent to Parking Lot J on the south side of the Union Street Dam, was most recently utilized as a storage facility for lawn care. Recognizing the necessity for demolition, the Department of Public Services (DPS) seized the opportunity to join forces with another department, utilizing the structure for training purposes. On Thursday, January 11, 2024, the training will be conducted for several days. Demolition of the building will immediately follow and take approximately two days, weather permitting.

Frank Dituri, Director of DPS, highlighted the rationale behind this collaboration, stating, “With the impending need for the building's demolition, and the current mild winter conditions, the project not only addresses infrastructure needs, but also presents a unique training opportunity for the TCFD. This joint initiative underscores the City’s commitment to efficient resource utilization and interdepartmental collaboration.”

When available, the TCFD uses buildings slated for demolition for "destructive training". This involves the use of forcible entry tools, power saws and other tools to train in the area of job performance requirements that will result in irreparable damage to walls, ceilings, floors and roofs of structures that are scheduled for tear down and removal. Depending on the structure and the scope of the project, hose stream deployment operations can also be included on a site by site basis.

Traverse City Fire Chief Tuller stated, “This training is invaluable as it is the closest to replicating actual fire and/or emergency extrication conditions. With the aid of training smoke machines, search and rescue operations for civilian victims, and incapacitated fire personnel can be practiced in a safe and controlled atmosphere. Training for our personnel plays a pivotal role in enhancing public safety by ensuring swift and effective responses to emergencies, safeguarding lives, and preserving property within the community. We welcome the opportunity to facilitate training initiatives whenever a building is scheduled for demolition.”

Notably, the building slated for demolition is located on the future site earmarked for the FishPass Project. The impending demolition is independent of the commencement of the Fish Pass Project, which is projected to kick off in the spring of 2024.

This training and demolition may cause disruptions to pedestrian and bicycle access near the Union Street Dam crossing and in Parking Lot J. Appropriate signage will be in place. If possible, please use alternate routes avoiding this area to reduce congestion, delay, and promote worker safety.