The Performance 2023 - A Year in Review

February 29, 2024

City of Traverse City Reviews Annual Achievements
Projects and Initiatives Outlined in Report

The City of Traverse City proudly announces the release of its 2023 annual report, "The Performance." This comprehensive report offers invaluable insights into the city's major accomplishments and significant projects completed over the past year.

Highlighting a myriad of achievements, the report showcases the city's unwavering commitment to addressing critical issues such as aging infrastructure, water and sewer systems, environmental sustainability, multi-modal transportation networks, equitable access to housing, and homelessness.

City Manager Liz Vogel affirms, "In 2023, the culmination of a multi-year bridge rehabilitation project marked a significant milestone, with over $13 million invested in this vital infrastructure. The initiation of the water and sewer five-year plans led to substantial upgrades citywide, while notable strides were made in promoting sustainability and climate resiliency. Additionally, our focus on providing inclusive housing for all remained resolute." Vogel expresses gratitude to the city's leadership, including the City Commission, representatives from various boards and commissions, and dedicated staff members for their unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all residents. "We trust that our community takes pride in these accomplishments and the exceptional municipal services that enrich our daily lives," Vogel concludes.

The City Commission’s adopted Goals & Objectives are outlined in the report and provide an overview of projects and initiatives related to water systems, climate action, access & mobility, connecting people with each other and nature, and housing & homelessness.

"2023 was a year of progress for the City. From revitalizing our infrastructure to enhancing our parks and promoting sustainability, we've worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all residents. With significant investments in critical projects, and a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and climate resilience, we're forging a brighter future for our community. Together, we've accomplished so much, and I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved," stated Traverse City Mayor, Amy Shamroe.

The report outlines significant infrastructure projects, including the S. Union Street Bridge, N. Cass Street Bridge, and the reconstruction of Madison and Jefferson Avenue, alongside a $10 million investment in
water, wastewater, sewer, and collection system upgrades.

Efforts to enhance public spaces and foster community engagement led to park improvements in Boon Street Park, Indian Woods Park, and an expansion of Volleyball Courts at West End Beach. Additionally, new basketball courts and hoops at F&M Park and Arbutus Court Park, along with homologation certification for Hickory Hill’s Nordic course, further promote outdoor recreation. With overwhelming community support, land acquisition for the Brown Bridge Quiet Area is set to expand public access to natural spaces.

The City's commitment to climate resiliency is evidenced by the adoption of an Electrification Policy and a resolution toward Decarbonization & Climate Resiliency. A new Deputy Planner/Sustainability Coordinator role will drive the development and implementation of a Sustainability Action Plan, promoting awareness of emerging sustainability issues.

Inclusivity in housing is prioritized through the approval of PILOTs, supporting affordable housing initiatives and fostering social equity.

Advancements in multi-modal transportation are underway with the TART Extension & Improvement project, funded by grants, with Phase 1 slated for completion in 2024. Looking ahead, the development and drafting of chapters for the Master Plan Rewrite and Mobility Action Plan will undergo review and consideration for approval in 2024.

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