West Front Street Bridge Opens July 1st

July 1, 2022

West Front Street Bridge to Open July 1, 2022

The West Front Street Bridge will open to vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic by the end of the day Friday, July 1, 2022.

"The West Front Street Bridge was a huge undertaking. This critical infrastructure project for the City included bridge removal and replacement, and a watermain extension. We are pleased to have stayed on track and after 9 months of construction opening before the holiday weekend. The increased amenities that were incorporated into this project such as wider sidewalks and pedestrian scale lighting support additional multi-modal transportation methods. In addition, I am pleased how effectively and efficiently staff has worked to prepare and execute the City's Bridge Rehabilitation projects,” says City Manager Martin Colburn.

The West Front Street Bridge bridge project began September 17, 2021 and included bridge removal and replacement and an extension of a watermain. Vehicular parking was maintained along the bridge on the north and south sides. Amenities include expansion of the sidewalk width with a traditional streetscape with pedestrian scale lighting and street trees. Aesthetic treatments on the end walls and a fascia to resemble an arch are also incorporated.  Minor work on the bridge is anticipated that may disrupt traffic in the future.

Through careful planning, the City of Traverse City began major bridgework throughout the City in June 2021. The infrastructure improvements include the bridges on Park Street, S. Cass Street, E. Eighth Street, and W. Front Street. Rehabilitation work on the S. Union Street and N. Cass Street bridges is anticipated for 2023.  

To learn more about upcoming bridgework and view project updates and detour information, visit  https://www.traversecitymi.gov/projects/bridge-construction.html