Zoning Reform Open House on Housing May 16th

May 12, 2023

City of Traverse City Hosting Community Open House
Proposed Zoning Changes to Impact Housing Barriers

The City of Traverse City’s Planning Commission will be hosting a community open house to review and discuss proposed zoning changes as it relates to housing variety will be hosted on May 16, 2023 at 7 pm at the Park Place Hotel. The Planning Commission has reaffirmed the goal of expanding housing options as part of their 2023 annual goals. A host of small scale zoning changes are being considered to remove barriers and to provide additional attainable housing opportunities that allow numerous points of entry to being a resident in the City.

Proposed Zoning Changes Explored

  • Create Definitions for Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quadplexes
  • Eliminate the Annual Cap on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
  • Remove the Owner-Occupancy Requirement for ADUs
  • Allow ADUS with Duplexes
  • Allow Duplexes by Right in the R-1a/b zoning District
  • Allow up to Four Dwelling Units Per Lot in the R-2 District
  • Reduce Minimum Lot Area in R-1a/b Zoning District
  • Reduce Minimum Lot Width in the R-1a/b Zoning District
  • Marginally Increase Impervious Surface Limits
  • Allow Two Homes on a Lot That is Twice the Minimum Area without Being Split
  • Reduce the Minimum Land Area for the Cluster Housing Development Option
  • Rename the R-1a/b and R-2 Zoning Districts to Reflect the Proposed Changes

“We are inviting the public to learn more about these proposed changes that can have an impact on increasing access to housing. The demand for housing in our region remains high, particularly in locations that are convenient and accessible to one’s daily needs. Land use regulations as they relate to permitting housing types, densities, and locations are just one of the many levers influencing the housing needs in the City, but one that City Commission and Planning Commission have direct influence over,” stated Shawn Winter, Planning Director

Public Hearing Scheduled
At their May 2, 2023 meeting, the Planning Commission scheduled a public hearing for June 6, 2023 regarding an amendment to the Traverse City Code of Ordinance to allow additional dwelling types and to modify dimensional standards in the R-1a, R-1b, and R-2 residential zoning districts.

Story Map
A Story Map, or digital map that provides in depth context, has been developed by the Planning Department to explore expanding housing options.

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